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Nano Ultra Lube is an engine oil additive that uses nanotechnology to improve vehicle performance.
Experience a significant increase in overall performance with this innovative product.



About Nano Lube

Nanotechnology is new technological revolution in the 21st century. It has revolutionized lubrication engineering as well as creating results beyond what is currently possible. A product derived from Aerospace Lubrication System based on nanotechnology is now revolutionizing the automotive sector in India and setting new benchmarks in performance and engine efficiency. Introducing Nano Ultra Lube, the engine oil additive working wonders with 50 nm nanoparticles.

Revitalizing All Engines

Nano Ultra Lube is a lubricant additive for automobiles of all types and ages. This ultra concentrated lubricant is a special formulation of oleophillic (oil loving) nanoparticles with spherical shape and size of 50 nm (nanometers).

Nano Ultra Lube is not a replacement for lubricant. Instead, It is added along with lubricant to reduce friction, improve performance, enhance smoothness, prevent heating of lubricant (which is the basic cause of many problems), increase mileage, improve load handling, stop noise and vibration, solve engine
jerking, reduce oil consumption and prolong service interval.

If you are devoted towards the proper upkeep of your vehicle then Nano Ultra Lube is for you. The additive ensures enjoyable driving, brings peace of mind and saves you money. The virtues of this product must be experienced to believe. Nano Lube is especially beneficial for vehicle owners who extensively use them, like auto rickshaw and taxi drivers.

Apart from automobiles, Nano Ultra Lube finds application with several other machineries where friction between metal parts is undesirable


Invention of Nano Ultra Lube

It all began in 2012. Firoz Musthafa, an IT engineer and automotive enthusiast in Kerala, started getting maintenance problems with two of his vehicles despite using high quality commercial lubricants. Being an inquisitive person who wanted to know what was going wrong with the engines he started testing various types and brands of lubricants one by one, then disassembled the engines and studied the extent of wear.
After prolonged trials he realized that conventional lubricants, no matter how expensive, were inadequate to provide satisfactory protection for engines under all driving conditions. His love for vehicles prompted him to take up the experimentations seriously, spending his hard-earned money in the process. He tried numerous prospective solutions like lean-burn technology, water and steam injection, engine modifications for improving combustion etc.
Firoz persisted even after facing continuous failures. But the eureka moment came in 2014 when he chanced upon the potential of nanotechnology. Soon he bought highly expensive raw materials and started experimenting an additive for engine oil. After much hard work he invented a formula that performed so well that wear was not measurable even after driving for extended drain intervals. Then he realized that he had made a breakthrough in lubrication engineering!
Experimentation still went on for improving the product. Finally the product became ready for testing. Firoz gave the first sample to a taxi driver who usually drives at least 20,000 km per month. His positive response gave the inventor confidence to give the product to his friends, family, relatives and acquaintances for testing. The overwhelming feedback received from users made Firoz think about commercially manufacturing the product. Armorol, a unique and ultimate lubrication solution, thus came into the public realm

The Nano Ultra Lube Experience

Experience driving as smooth as gliding

Nano Ultra Lube reduces engine friction by up to 400%.

Drive to believe

You will be surprised by the improved engine performance

Cooler oil temperature

Oil temperature lowered by up to 70% as NanoUltra Lube facilitates greater heat dissipation.

No more engine overheating

Resolves overheating issues in air-cooled engines

Drive in calm ambience

Nano Ultra Lube minimizes friction and thereby limits engine noise and vibration.

Drive in calm ambience

Nano Ultra Lube minimizes friction and thereby limits engine noise and vibration.

Less oil consumption

Adding Nano Ultra Lube improves dynamic compression, hence reduces oil consumption

Forget frequent oil change

Offers up to 300% longer drain interval.

Guardian of engine

Protects engine parts by forming a firm coating, filling up minor scratches and revamping worn surfaces

No unwanted reactions

Retains engine oil additive chemistry since Nano Ultra Lube is chemically unreactive to oil additives, gaskets, sensors, O-rings and seals


Improved engine efficiency results in 50% reduction in emissions and therefore eco-friendly.

Travel in comfort

Throttle jerk minimized by cutting off engine friction thereby increasing driver and passenger comfort.

Best for your wallet

Reduced friction, less fuel consumption, increased efficiency and fewer repairs save you money.


Nano Ultra Lube is made primarily for use in automobiles as an engine oil additive. It can be added to any lubricant with oil base except glycol based synthetics. However, Nano Lube can also be applied directly on metal surfaces to reduce friction, heat, wear and tear, noise etc. and increase smoothness, efficiency and longevity of the metal parts. For this reason Nano Ultra Lube finds application with a wide range of products and machineries.

Engine oil (4-stroke petrol, diesel, kerosene, LPG and CNG), Manual gear oil, Crankcase oil of 2-stroke motorcycles, Shock oil, Bearing grease, Hydraulic oil
Automated Manual Transmission, Intelligent Manual Transmission, Standard and turbo engines, Power steering, Air compressors, Agricultural pumps, Lubricated pumps, Chains and bicycle parts, 4-stroke power tools, Heavy machinery, Power generators, Earth movers etc


The performance enhancement of a vehicle after adding Nano Ultra Lube depends on various factors like type of vehicle, engine life, engine condition, driving terrain, driving style, traffic etc. Generally, mileage improvement of 5 to 10% is noticed after using Nano Lube.
Although performance change could be felt right after first run-in period (at least 30 km), significant improvement shall be noticed after 1,000 km of driving or 30 hours of engine operation. Subsequent oil changes with Nano Lube only require 5 minutes of run-in time.
From a hatchback to any heavy vehicle a bottle of 100 ml Nano Ultra Lube would be enough since the lube is of high concentration. As the additive gets diluted in the engine oil the performance of the vehicle starts changing, after about 30 km. For vehicles with more engine life the change would be felt after 300 km.
Motorcycles need only 50 ml of Nano Ultra Lube and the performance change would be visible after 3 or 4 km.
Nano Ultra Lube is compatible with all mineral and synthetic motor oils except glycol based synthetics. Maximum longevity is attained with synthetic oil. If using mineral oil try to use a premium one.
Best performance and longevity of engine oil is observed with high detergent motor oils such as API CI4 Plus, CJ4, CK4/SM, SN, SN+, SP, JASO MA2 or higher. Generally, dual rated (oil for both diesel and petrol engines) premium mineral, semi synthetic or full synthetic 10W40 engine oil from Shell, Gulf, AMS oil & Mitasu is recommended for good condition vehicles. For tired engines 20W50 would be ideal.

Conventional Lubricants Vs Nano Ultra Lube Additive

Conventional Lubricants
Nano Ultra Lube Additive

Oil molecules are in liquid state.

Nano Ultra Lube molecules are in solid state.

Depletes lubricating abilities overtime. Performs well only when new.

Lubricating abilities remain the same. Formulated to endure harsh operating conditions.

Withstand just up to 150 degree Celsius.

Withstand up to 650 degree Celsius.

Friction properties are only average.

Extremely low friction properties.

Withstand only up to 50,000 psi.

Withstand extreme contact pressure up to 3,00,000 psi. Hence 600% more protection forengine.

How Nano Ultra Lube Works

A metal surface which appears to be smooth for the human eye is not actually smooth in reality. When it is observed under a microscope, it shows uneven surfaces with ups and downs resembling hills and valleys. When an engine is lubricated with any oil it creates a separating film between metal parts and prevents direct contact. This reduces friction, heat, wear and tear, oxidation and corrosion to some extent. But the oil molecules, which are liquid, do not fill up the valleys to make the surface uniform. Hence, this oil barrier is easily broken under extreme conditions resulting in friction and heat.
Nano Ultra Lube particles are solid at molecular level. They are tiny spheres of 50 nm (nanometre) which are unimaginably small. They fill the uneven surface of the metal evenly and bonds to the surface produce a ball bearing effect that converts sliding friction into rolling friction resulting in drastic friction reduction. Nano Lube can withstand extreme temperature up to 650 degree Celsius and pressure up to 3,00,000 psi. These properties help Nano Ultra Lube provide long-lasting protection for engines against wear and tear, improve efficiency and performance, ensure smoother and quieter operation, enhance oil thermal conductivity and help the engine run cooler.

Compression Booster

Armorol Compression Booster is an engine oil additive used along with Nano Ultra Lube. Nano Lube improves the performance of an engine but is not formulated to restore compression. To improve the power in worn out engines, Compression Booster is added.

As the name suggests Compression Booster enhances the compression of the engine. Worn out engines, those with low pickup, vibration, excessive oil consumption, starting problem, lack of torque, high emission etc. can benefit from Compression Booster. The additive helps to reduce noise by improving viscoelastic property of the oil. It can improve the performance of some new engines (with poor torque in low rpm) with very thin oil leading to loss of compression and blow-by.

It should be noted that Compression Booster should only be used along with Nano Ultra Lube. The recommended dose of Compression Booster for cars and motorcycles is 100 ml. More quantity can be added if engine has severe performance problem or oil burning issue. While using Compression Booster for the first time it’s better to replace the oil filter after 1,500 km or when the engine shows symptoms of oil starvation whichever is earlier.

How to Add Nano Lube

In automobiles Nano Ultra Lube is always used along with engine oil as an additive. Nano Ultra Lube can be added to an engine either during an oil change or at any time after it. However, the recommended procedure is to mix Nano Lube with fresh engine oil while changing oil and filter. If Nano Lube is added after engine maintenance the effect of the work will last longer. Nano Ultra Lube can be used one time only or added during every oil change. Continuous usage helps prevent engine wear and preserve its performance.

Shake the Nano Lube bottle well or stir the contents at the bottom in order to use all nano particles in it. Empty the full contents into the engine oil container, mix vigorously and pour into the engine. Nano Ultra Lube can be added separately also to the engine right after adding fresh engine oil.

Either way, after adding Nano Ultra Lube the engine needs idling for at least 20 minutes or a drive of at least 30 km as a run-in procedure for the effective functioning of the additive. It should be ensured that no significant increase in engine oil level occurs after adding the additive (either Nano Ultra Lube only or Nano Lube plus Compression Booster).

Engine Flush

A good condition engine running on high quality engine oil and having periodic services does not require engine flush before adding Nano Ultra Lube. But if the engine has accumulated sludge then a flush is recommended.If the timing on a diesel pump is advanced to improve pickup then reset it back to stock mode and flush the engine before adding Nano Ultra Lube. Similarly, if oxygen sensor is faulty and engine is filled with sludge then flush the engine.
Consider the following while flushing the engine.
Avoid chemical flushes. Buy a cheap engine flushing oil, half the quantity of the engine oil capacity. (Eg: 1.5 or 2 litres flushing oil for an engine oil capacity of 3 litres). Warm up the engine to operating temperature and stop. Drain out old engine oil completely and replace drain plug. Fill flushing oil and again warm up the engine to operating temperature. Drain the oil and replace oil filter. Finally fill fresh engine oil and Nano Ultra Lube.


Nano Ultra Lube and Compression Booster are additives formulated to reduce friction in engines. But in some cases engine friction is essential for safely driving the vehicle. Heavy duty trucks, vehicles used in hilly terrains etc. need good engine braking. If Nano Ultra Lube is added in such vehicles engine braking can fall dangerously low.

Nano Ultra Lube is not recommended in areas which transfer large amount of torque through friction. Limited Slip Differential, Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), Torque Converters etc. come under this category.

Two-wheeler riders should take note that if the recommended quantity of Nano Ultra Lube exceeds in wet clutch motorcycles then clutch might start slipping at very high load. So please ensure to add only recommended quantity (50 ml) with stock clutch, if using racing clutch, double dose can be safely used. Royal Enfield bikes can safely use 100 ml without clutch slipping since clutch springs have very good tension and engine always works at lower RPM.

A word of caution! You might lose engine warranty if you inform authorized service center about the use of Nano Ultra Lube. Continuous contact with used engine oil can be harmful to your health. In case of contact wash thoroughly with soap and water. If swallowed do not induce vomiting, consult a physician immediately.

Troubleshooting Guide

Neglected engine or engine with no consistent service history.

Replace engine oil with high detergent motor oil or dual rated engine oil 3 times within 2,000 kms or when oil thickening or blackening stops before adding Nano Ultra Lube.

Engine has pickup problem even before using Nano Ultra Lube.

Consider replacing air filter before using Nano ultra Lube.

Engine’s performance does not improve much after adding Nano Ultra Lube.

Inspect/replace air filter, fuel filter, fuel pump, injector/carburetor, spark plug, intercooler, EGR and PCV systems, oxygen sensor and try throttle body cleanup and turbo cleanup.

Performance decreases after adding Nano Ultra Lube or Compression Booster.

Try replacing oil filter. It could be clogged with sludge deposits loosened by Nano Ultra lube or compression booster

No performance improvement or engine noise is more even after replacing oil filter.

Consider cleaning oil strainer inside the oil sump.

Noisy engine’s noise increases even more after adding Nano Ultra Lube.

Clean oil strainer and/or replace oil pump.

Mileage or pickup declining gradually. Excessive noise or vibration.

Add Compression Booster to compensate for compression losses. More Compression Booster may be required if engine has severe
performance or oil burning problem.

Noisy engine’s noise increases even more after adding Nano Ultra Lube.

Replace oil pump before using Compression Booster for best results.

Excessive soot-induced thickening due to injector nozzle deposits or insufficient fuel pump pressure.

Service/replace defective unit before using Compression Booster for best results.

Is there any problem if Compression Booster is used in new car?

Compression Booster is recommended if the engine lacks power, irrespective of the age of vehicle.

Can the use of Nano Ultra Lube or Compression Booster cause any engine problem in future?

Compression Booster has aggressive cleaning properties. In engines with heavy sludge build up the sludge might loosen and thicken engine oil and might lead to frequent servicing or oil starvation(oil replacement with dual rated oil or oil filter replacement or both).

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