Nano Ultra Lube 200ml

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High-end Nano Lubricant additive compatible with mineral oil, synthetic oil, semi synthetic oil, fork oil, hydraulic oil, power steering oil, gear oil, chain lube and general purpose lubricating oil except glycol based synthetic oil.

Note : In some cases, along with Nano lube, Compression booster may be required to get drastic performance. First, try Nano lube alone and later if more performance is required especially during traffic or hill climbing consider adding a compression booster

👉 For cars above 2800 CC

With the Following Issues
👉  Low Pick Up
👉  Vibration
👉 Engine Noise

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  • Armorol Nano Ultra Lube Engine Oil Additive Reduces friction by 400% of the Engine and Reduces oil and fuel consumption
  • Engine Oil Additive Reduces up to 70% of Engine Oil Temperature
  • Engine Oil Additive for Car Stops Engine Wear
  • Engine Oil Additive for Bike Quiets down Engine
  • Nano Ultra Lube Engine Oil Reduces 50% of Emissions
  • Nano Ultra Lube Engine Oil Improves Engine compression and Increases Mileage and fuel Economy
  • Armorol Nano Ultra Lube Engine Oil Increases smoothness of the Vehicle and up to 300% longer drain Interval for Engine Oil
  • Engine Oil addictive Protect Engine Components and Preserves Engine Oil Chemistry

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Dimensions 15 × 10 × 15 cm

126 reviews for Nano Ultra Lube 200ml

  1. Murugesan (verified owner)

    Am using FORD FIGO 2010 Diesel model which is second hand one and i bought last year…. At that
    time it becomes a little bit lag engine noise and performance… (112000 km)…. After 124100 km i
    search your product and describe by u what is that impact of lube oil… So now only used your
    product which is what i expect. After add that lube oil i felt my car as a sports car… Really initial
    pickup is very different from before add nano lube… Thanks for the product….

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  2. Aravind (verified owner)

    I have added 100ml Nano lube at 66000 kms. Now I crossed 66250kms. I feel drastic changes in the
    driving. Noise reduction and engine Smoothness is adorable… Since my car is 2006 model of Honda
    City Zx. Now I felt like driving a new car… Really fantabulous performance..

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  3. Kumaravel Venkatachalam (verified owner)

    Lovely to inform You that engines have smoothed & noise has drastically reduced & at 90-95 Speed
    the mileage delivered is 15.9kmpl, earlier used to get around 13- 13.5 kmpl.

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  4. Dr. Rao (verified owner)

    This is not a paid promotion but a user review after having spent money for the product out of
    my own pocket. In the month of April’22 when the odometer of my 5 year old Honda Brio (s)
    petrol variant read 28900 kms, I added Nano lube(100ml) to the existing semi-synthetic
    engine oil in the vehicle. We went on a trip to Kodaikanal from Bangalore – drove a total of
    1200 kms. Here is my experience after adding Nano lube: 1. I could feel the smoothness of
    the engine. 2. Reduced engine noise 3. Reduced engine jerking/reduced vehicle stalling at
    lower gear Although the Avg on the instrument cluster read 21 kms after the trip, I wouldn’t
    attribute it completely to Nano lube. As mileage is dependent of various factors and Nano
    lube could have contributed in a positive manner. While driving down the Kodaikanal hill
    roads, I definitely experienced reduction in engine braking. This is something that is a known
    downside and something that should be kept in mind before you decide to go for nanolube.
    Now that my vehicle has crossed 31k kms , as part of the routine 10k kms oil change interval,
    I have changed engine oil to Shell Helix fully synthetic engine oil. – added 100 ml of Nano
    lube again to the engine oil after changing the oil filter and air filter. (As explained in the
    video, Changing oil filter after 1200-1500 kms of adding nano lube is a must) The vehicle
    now runs smoother and engine noise much quieter than before. My conclusion: Using nano
    lube for your vehicle is completely your choice. If you are not convinced, don’t use it. If your
    vehicle is new and under warranty, adding any after market components other than
    manufacturers suggested components, will void the warranty and nano lube is no exception.
    Don’t add nano lube with the sole expectation of increasing mileage – you may be
    disappointed. I used nano lube as a trial because my vehicle is out of any manufacturer
    warranty. But having driven my car for a total of 3.5k + kms so far after adding nano lube, I
    have not experienced any negative effects like engine oil leaks or anything. But again, it’s
    just been 3.5 k kms, I do not know how it will be on a long run after 10-20k kms.. but I am
    hopeful that it may be good if I follow the recommended maintenance activities and drive the
    car reasonably well.. It’s been a good experience overall, so good that, I’ve recently added
    50ml of nano lube to our TVS Ntorq 125cc 2020 model after the first oil change. The ride
    quality is much smoother compared to my friend’s Ntorq which does not have nano lube
    added. If you ask me, my personal opinion is that I would use this product again. But don’t
    take my word for it, you can you experience it for yourself if you like.

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  5. Kiran Kumar (verified owner)

    Nano lube ku great salute 🔥🔥🔥enoda fiesta ku 1yr la 50k ku service pannierukan bro unmaya
    nano lube add pannona 20min la romba different pathuten bro
    1)engine vibration sema smooth aytu bro
    2)smoke suthama ella bro munnaiku
    3)pickup vera level
    {tq to nano lube bro🔥🔥😘🌹}

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  6. Sunil Kumar (verified owner)

    Firstly Thank you for your wonderful support and sharing your experience on vehicles with me which
    includes Engine, Engine Oil & Nano Lube Oil for both 4-wheeler and 2-wheeler.
    4-Wheeler we have “OMNI (2007-Model)” with Single owner managed till date have driven with
    85K KMs by two people. It has become our family friendly vehicle and wanted to keep it forever.
    We had & have some small small issue in the vehicle which we use to get it corrected WRT overall
    Vehicle. But when we point to Engine, only few Mechanics helps us in keeping engine safely, explains
    how to manage it etc etc luckily we got one of them. Based on his suggestion we were using only
    Castrol 0W-40 oil, I wouldn’t say vehicle was not smoother at all.
    Post getting in touch with you by viewing few YouTube videos, considering your suggestion have
    added 100ml Nano Lube oil on our OMNI with existing new Castrol oil which was not driven 60KM.
    May be next time will try with Shell Engine oil as suggested by you.
    Note:- My usage of OMNI is less, hence will not consider mileage of the vehicle as standing vehicle
    drinks more fuel for few KMs. Sharing my experience post adding of Nano Lube oil.
    1) After driving 15-20KMs, could feel reduce in noise of the overall Vehicle due to vibration.
    2) Noticed low heat from Engine Bay, we seat on the Engine :).
    3) In flat road with light slow speed i use to change lower gear intermittently, which is reduced now.
    4) Today observed in UP Hill no need change low gear shifting in manageable slow speed, without
    any vibration.
    5) Gear shifting is also become smooth.
    6) My clutch is become lighter now, while I press it.
    7) Pickup is also increased.
    8) As it is Petrol Engine, now I can hear type noise instead of Engine noise.
    9) Center Seat Passenger also can feel low heat and Engine noise.
    10) As OMNI is a normal steering vehicle, could feel the Steering is also become lighter now. Not
    sure how, but it is helping me.

    Thank you again for the wonderful product, will definitely suggest my friend’s use it once

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  7. Mani (verified owner)

    My etios yellow board vehicle by using nano lube Diesel additive oill it’s increased mailage and pick
    up very good perform in my vehicle thank you for give a good additive by nano lube

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  8. Saravanan (verified owner)


    Really a massive change after 40km car engine noise Totally arrested … First no idea bcz car 2.3l
    driven so I thought it will gives a small change but after used I can feel the comfort really valuable
    product u can add me in happy costumers list.

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  9. Justin Subash (verified owner)

    Sir it’s awesome performance, my vehicle had, engin vibration, black smoke , noice and pickup
    problem but now am getting good performance it’s like new vehicle thank u so much sir.

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  10. Vinoth Kumar (verified owner)

    Sar neenga send panna oil ah car la engine oli la add panna engine noise ippa konjam kammya
    irukku…drive panna nallavum irukku�

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  11. Madhan Kumar (verified owner)

    Interceptor 650 ku add panna semma performance

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  12. Keerthivasan (verified owner)

    Yesterday went ooty doubles nano lube done miracle bro 11 liter of petrol will run 330km but after
    nano lube it went 400 km bro my mileage gone 29kmpl to 34kmpl now really thanks bro

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  13. Sujin (verified owner)

    Today Nano ultra lube and compression booster add panitu 600 kms drive panen. trip start
    and end ku neriya difference iruku. Engine Idle la irukum pothum oru heavy vibration irunthuchi but
    now its completely minimized.
    Thanks for the Product.

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  14. Yoganath (verified owner)

    My fz engine and gear Butter smooth and milage 2 kms raised at city drive.

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  15. lashif m (verified owner)

    done 400 kms with it on alto 2010
    -didnt feel any change yet
    -mileage is same
    -i purcased from offline agent.. charged me service charge for changing oil.. it should ve given free as the price of lube is already in premium.
    -cant say whether its good or bad.. felt normal for me

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  16. Sabarinathan (verified owner)

    Truly very good performance for my Unicorn bro

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  17. Shiva Shankar (verified owner)

    Surprise really not understand the process doing to my engine
    I have been using this coolent lube for my jawa classic. Am given this review after using it for a month.
    Initially every one know about new jawa bike has heating issues . I have jawa classic from day one I had heating issues. By luck am not buy 1st lot of the vehicle I have brought after 1 year of the vehicle launch so heating was bit low compared to initial jawa bikes . After using this lube for past one month period I found some unusual in my engine heating cycle .
    1. Yes it reduces heating on vehicle for me it worked . And reduces the heat I give 5 starts for that.
    2. But they saying vehicle pickup and milage will be boosted or increase like that sorry to say it not happen . Actually my vehicle still remains same sound in engine noise and vibration level not changes and milage remains same (30 kmpl ).
    3.for me am happy with the product only to reduce my heating issue . They will promote this item for something else like milage increase, vibration control, smoothness am not going to vote for that it will sure gimiky marketing strategy.
    But your vehicle heating issue will be reduced for sure .👍

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  18. Keerthivasan (verified owner)

    Just half hr before poured the nano lube …..i just started the engine and idle for 3min.. engine sound
    gone low after 2min…..waiting for to ride morning

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  19. Antony Eapen (verified owner)

    I have used the nano Lube, decompression lube and petrol addictive on my RE and done close to
    100kms. Trust me the lubes have worked wonders. My engine sound has completely changed and is
    butter smooth while handling the ride. Truely amazing solution for a vehicle enthusiastic. Thanks a
    bunch for your support, I will definitely recommend this to all my friends and colleagues.

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  20. Charles (verified owner)

    1.6 Verna 19.4 mileage.
    1.6 petrol dhan bro endhu 15 vandhu iruku before 17 lam AC off pannetu check pamnruken 17
    vandhu iruku but ipo AC running la eh 19.4 varudhu bro 😎 thank u �

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  21. Ravi Vikas (verified owner)

    My Maruti Zen 97 petrol is now performing well
    I used it after the oil change and servicing a month ago and the 24-years old Maruti Suzuki Zen Car engine function is showing considerable improvement. It’s running smoother and vehicle’s pulling power is amazing.

    Hope this performance is sustained in the future uses too.

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  22. Antony Eapen (verified owner)

    Thomas again thanks a bunch, I have added Nano Lube and Petrol Addictive to my Honda Brio and to
    my surprise I find the avg mileage raised to 15kmpl. Mine is a automatic version which has not
    crossed 10-11kmpl max in local �

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  23. Ganesh (verified owner)

    Awesome performance bro after adding Nano lube and mileage vera level thank you for your
    product. I checked only in highway i had full tank around 32 litres my car gave me 950kms .Around
    29kms, Before I’ll be getting 22

    1 product
  24. Bala kumar (verified owner)

    Good Stuff
    Engine has become butter smooth but so far there is no increase in mileage heat too has reduced considerably

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  25. Dr. Anand Raju (verified owner)

    My review for ultra nano lube
    Iam Dr. Anand i own a suzuki swift 2014model. It has clocked 30k kms so far. I had issues related to
    over heating and engine noise in my car. Changing the coolant, engine oil etc didn’t work
    Then i saw this product on YouTube and got intreseted in trying the same. I added the lube when my
    car had driven 30k kms
    Amazingly even before 300kms of test driving i found the engine noise levels considerably low.
    After 300kms the car heating issue was totally gone…the gear shifts were very smooth, performance
    increased and more importantly heavy clutch became lighter.
    Thanks to ultra nano lube… i strongly recommend using this product. Mr. Thomas can also guide
    through the useage of the product as per your vehicles need.
    Thanks to him.
    Great job torque rider…

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  26. Girish (verified owner)

    It’s excellent noise reduction is there in my Fortuner and drive was very smooth
    Done 350 kms

    1 product
  27. Abilash (verified owner)

    Super Product i ever seen.
    Iam using this product in my Toyota Etios 2012 model
    Now getting Amazing pickup and reduced engine noise and vibrations.

    1 product
  28. Anand (verified owner)

    I have driven my bike upto 70kms after the nano lube addition ….. performance of the bike is
    superb. Gear shifting is smooth ….
    The product has shown results as it is claimed…i am happy about it …..
    Great job 👏🏼👏🏼�

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  29. Sundar (verified owner)

    Tata 407 LPT MODEL Vellore trip weekly 2time load 8tonne load weight and regular 6000RS DIESEL

    1 product
  30. Sudheer C A (verified owner)

    I am getting 19.7 km milage. Before itwas hardly 17.5 and my engine getting smooth day by day. Should try once

    1 product
  31. Kiran Gowda (verified owner)

    Oh it was crazy bro after 300 kms ride also engine was not at all heating

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  32. Praveen (verified owner)

    I am praveen from chennai iam using mahindra kuv100 2016 model Diesel engine 75000km its
    Two cylinder so normaly the vibration will be more i seen in youtube channel and contact the
    response was very good before and after delivery and also the performance was more than wth they
    are told i really happy with the product and also i like share my feed back for the others to get the
    benefits and improve our indian product

    1 product
  33. Arshad m. (verified owner)

    Very nice products
    Definitely we get the results.

    1 product
  34. Midhun Sai (verified owner)

    My bike Apache 200 4v
    Giving 40 milage after using nano lube, Before it’s 32 Now it’s 40 on highway rides, Local it’s 36. I
    really appreciate your efforts on keeping our vehicles safe. Thank you very much Thomas

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  35. Nithin (verified owner)

    I used in TataHarrier… fantastic performance by reducing vibration n enginenoise n reduced heat..cloacking noise also reduced…lagg in driving also gone..
    Use with their compression booster….n diesel additive for best mileage…vehicles injector get cleaned n get a fine spraying

    1 product
  36. Rajasekar (verified owner)

    After 1500 km runned. Mileage increased and vibrate ,noise 30% reduced
    Mileage extra 7 km /litre. Last time oil filter not changed this time change and check

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  37. Naveeth Basha (verified owner)

    Greetings to Nano Lube Team
    recently heared about Nano Lube through my brother
    After discussing with them purchased and used the Nano Lube and compression booster for Swift
    Dzire Diesel 2010 during service at 183000 kms
    Now vehicle is performing truly well
    No vibration feel in steering and seats
    Complete engine noise reduction
    Good pickup and performance
    Driving comfort is similar to new vehicle
    Keep up the good work team

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  38. RadAl (verified owner)

    I added this to Hundai i10 which is 10yrs old and 70k kilometres driven vehicle. Engine noise reduced, vibration arrested, pickup restored as new vehicle. No change in mileage. Really good for old cars.

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  39. Stanley (verified owner)

    Bro thank for giving me a nice product I really feel the changes in engine performance and sound
    once again thank you a lot and thank you for a quick delivery thanks for your guidance thank you so
    much and I will keep supporting you and I will surely refer to my friends too

    1 product
  40. Jaswin math (verified owner)

    Best Oil Additive…
    Really a worth product. Customer might think about the price, which seems little costlier when compared to other available additives. But the result which you get from this additive is mind blowing.. so we can spend amount on this product for our lovable car. Performance, mileage, smoothness, everything becomes ultimate after using this. I’m having Honda City 2006 model car. After using this I felt like driving a new car. Don’t think too much guys… Blindly go with this product. You will never regret of using this….

    1 product
  41. Powrish (verified owner)

    Hi Bro, Na ennodaiya fieasta Car ku Nanolube apply panniruntha..actually intha product YouTube la
    ella videosum commentsum pathutha vangiruntha..comments ellarum positive kuduthu irunthaga
    antha expection la tha buy panna…. But expect pannatha vida expect pannathalavuku superaa
    iruku….avloo oru smoothness,pickup sola mudiyala antha alavauku iruku…car drive pannitae
    irukanum antha feel anubavichikitae irukanum pola iruku….New va oru car buy panna feel intha
    Nanolube apply pannitu drive pannumbothu kidaikithu… Thanks for this product 😘
    First 100ml RS.1200 kuduthu vanganumanu overcosta irukunu feel pannitha vangana.. After
    Nanolube apply pannitu drive panni pakumbothu ithuku RS. 12000 kuduthum vangalamunu
    thonuthu….Really awesome product Nanolube

    1 product
  42. Neelakandan (verified owner)

    Am enjoying my bike ride with NANO Lube…… Its so smooth in terms of ride… Lot change in noise…
    And smoother beat… Induces me to drive vehicle for long hours… 👍
    Next aim is to use in car after service… Both in gearbox and engine…. Waiting for the time…

    1 product
  43. Sathish (verified owner)

    40% vibrate arrested
    Yesterday test drive on 100 km got this result. Both to add on engine my car

    1 product
  44. Selva (verified owner)

    Sir very excellent product sir
    Suppose you give dealership I want theni district sir

    1 product
  45. Ramesh (verified owner)

    pulsar 150cc 2nd service was done with nano lub
    good impression , engine smooth ness,milage improved 😍😍😍

    1 product
  46. Suresh Kumar (verified owner)

    First one that gave a perceivable difference, and going good so far.
    I tried the Armarol Ultra Nano Lube and Compression booster (100 ml each) in my 2008 Honda Civic that has clocked 1.25Lakh KM. I have to say if the many additives I have tried so far, this is the first one that gave a clear perceivable difference.

    My car is well maintained, and was still smooth after 1.25Lakh KM, so I was hesitant to try something. After being tempted by umpteen YouTube reviews, I decided to try out and I am happy that I did.

    While the recommendation says to add Nanolube along with new engine oil, I added after about 1000 Km since the last oil change. In the first 5 Km, I could feel some difference in the engine smoothness ( not necessarily in a good way, almost as if there is some fine sand between the sliding parts). However, over the next 50 Km, I could feel the engine acceleration become smoother, with that Sand feeling disappearing and a perceivable difference by around 80KM after the addition.

    As I mentioned, my engine was butter smooth (in terms of vibration) even before the additive. The major difference I could feel are the following.

    1) Increased low end torque and smoother acceleration – I can now smoothly accelerate from low RPMs ( Honda Civic has poor low end torque, and this additive has improved drive-ability in city traffic with lesser gear shifts). Many places, where I used to have to shift to 1st gear earlier when slowing down, I can now pull off in second gear without the engine straining or knocking. Similarly, I can pull off in 3rd gear smoothly from as low as 20KMPH whereas previously I had to be around 28-30KMPH for pulling off smoothly in 3rd gear without the engine labouring.
    2) Reduced accelerator input needed for accelerating normally as compared to before nanolube.

    3) Reduced engine braking in lower gears – had to be careful with this change in behaviour in traffic as the car does not slow down as much with downshifting as before (I’m assuming the flip side is faster brake pad wear as the brakes have to do more work).

    I’m yet to feel any marked difference in the engine’s eagerness to rev up to the redline ( or post 3000 RPM when the VTEC kicks to the high lift cam) – The Civic’s 1.8 L engine is even otherwise rev happy. I have driven about 250 KMs now since adding Nanolube, and all in city, so will have to wait till I take a highway drive to check the high speed / rpm performance. Also, I haven’t really felt any reduction in engine noise yet ( maybe because my engine was smooth and fairly silent even before itself).

    Overall, I’m happy that I have tried Nanolube and hope this will not cause any issues for my engine in the long run. Not giving 5 Stars as long term performance and effects are not known yet, will revisit after 5000 KM

    After 5000KM*
    The effects of Nanolube continue to impress after 5000KM of running. I did one long drive ( 1800KM round trip) where I felt the car had improved acceleration across the range and overtaking became easier. Smoother all through the rev range. The low end torque improvement and ability to smoothly cruise / accelerate from low RPM ( 1100RPM itself as opposed to 1800RPM before nanolube) has been the biggest blessing in Bangalore traffic – lot less gear shifting between 1st and 2nd in stop and go traffic and also able to take off from speed bumps in second gear itself. Speeds I’m able to accelerate cleanly from, without engine labouring or knocking in 2nd Gear – from 5KM/h, 3rd Gear – From 18Km/h and 4th gear – from 30km/ h. Honda Civic owners who drive in cities will understand and appreciate what I am saying. Very Happy with Nanolube and with the effect lasting beyond 5000KM with no indication of any adverse effects, raising my rating to 5 Stars.

    1 product
  47. Ershad (verified owner)

    After added Nanolube Endeavour is very good.
    Good performance 👍

    1 product
  48. geo sebastian (verified owner)

    Best experience

    1 product
  49. Prasanna (verified owner)

    Engine is very smooth for my Figo tdci 2010

    1 product
  50. Shriram (verified owner)

    Ver nice It’s worth car gets south

    1 product
  51. Sureshbabu (verified owner)

    Value for money. Effective in my car.
    I like its packing. I used in my santro 1.0 /2011 model car. It’s effective. My car running very smoothly.

    1 product
  52. SIJOMON PARAKKAL (verified owner)

    Impressive results during the initials hours of testing the product
    I have been using Ertiga 1.5L diesel since 2019. Ran 60K+ as of the date (08-11-2022). The ‘Armorol’ nanoparticle-based engine oil additive arrived today and fortunately, the vehicle was just delivered after the 60K service including the oil change. This review is being penned down after running the vehicle 30 km after adding the additive.
    The following are the observations:
    1) Engine noise levels were found to come down significantly.
    2) Throttle response improved.
    3) Ride became a more pleasurable experience.
    4) Engine temperature indication was showing one point lesser than previous. (Made an accidental opening of the engine oil inlet lid while the vehicle was idling after a 30 km run. Drops spilled over to my hands and thank God, it was just warm.)
    5) Average fuel economy became 19.9 km/l from 19.8 km/l. (Looks like fuel mileage is also improving.). Considering a 10000 km drain interval, out of 500 odd litres of would be fuel used, a gain of 0.1 km/litre amounts to 2.5 litres of savings in fuel. Total cost of the product less Rs.250 savings in fuel reduces the expense of 100 ml product from 1200 to 950.
    6) Knocking speed came down from 40 Kmph to 37-38 kmph while the vehicle is in the fourth gear.

    1) Engine braking reduced markedly. If you are a Speedster or a pro-racer, I recommend you adopt an anticipated driving mode during the initial 1000+ kms after adding the additive. This would make you adjust and get used to the modified vehicular dynamics caused by the additive.

    Well, I am impressed!!

    1 product
  53. surendran TP (verified owner)

    I used in my 2001 Bullet motor cycle last month. Now PUC is not cleared . Starting trouble . Minimum 15 to 20 kicks required. Smoothly going bike is now in pathetic condition.

    1 product
  54. Shaine R. (verified owner)

    Improved Mileage
    I had long drive in my Innova 2008 model diesel from Bangalore to Palakkad through Mysore and back. I got 16km per litter during onward journey and 15.8 on the drive back. This is a huge improvement over otherwise 12.5km per litter.

    1 product
  55. Sarang v (verified owner)

    Getting good results Chevrolet spark ,beat, Maruti zen

    1 product
  56. Somnath (verified owner)

    Used Nanolube in TB350. It’s fine & good. Having a comfortable ride. Tappet sound is more
    minimal. What is the oil drain interval.

    1 product
  57. Sivasubramanian (verified owner)

    Good, engine is smooth now after usage of one week, but milege is sane

    1 product
  58. srujith (verified owner)

    Good product

    1 product
  59. Aamir (verified owner)

    Got the Polo serviced last week.
    Added 150ML Nanolube in the oil itself & then added oil to the engine.
    Definitely makes a difference, as felt for my bike Z1000 also.
    But similar loss in engine breaking was experienced in both cases, due to reduced friction.
    The engines have drastically reduced engine breaking, which is good for mileage & engine life, but
    needs more harsh breaking on the other hand.
    Overall, definitely a worth while product though.

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  60. Sunil Pilathottathil (verified owner)

    I have done as exactly documented. Added as specified in fully synthetic shell oil, changed filters and driven more that 400 kms. And I called the customercare and they advised sensor cleaning and adding another 50 ml. I am sceptical now and not going to add more, and will see if this can bring some changes in near future.

    1 product
  61. Vipin_joseph (verified owner)

    I can feel the difference after using this.

    1 product
  62. Aamir (verified owner)

    Changed the engine oil on my Kawasaki Z1000 on Saturday since we had a ride planned on
    I pre mixed the Nanolube in the new oil cans itself & poured into the engine.
    Used Motule 7100 10w-40, like I always do for the engine.
    With the Nanolube, I could immediately feel the difference within the first 10 minutes.
    The engine revved smoothly & more freely than before, throttle response felt quicker due to
    lesser load on the engine.
    Handle bar vibrations & feedback during engine revving was noticeably dropped. Engine feels
    super smooth like butter!
    Thoroughly enjoyed the ride.
    But another noticeable difference was that engine breaking was significantly lower !

    1 product
  63. deepu pulikkakunnil (verified owner)

    Mileage Increased
    Good product my car milage increased before I am got 15to16 km now I am getting 19

    1 product
  64. Shrinath K S (verified owner)

    Very good product 👌
    My bolero is now running much smoothly after using this.

    1 product
  65. Mani (verified owner)

    After 850kms driven i feel the difference really super product while driving vibration reduced
    pickup increased engine cools down quickly mileage increased 2kms per lit till now , still my gas
    tank is in 30% of lpg ill update after it over 😃

    1 product
  66. Dr CHACKO (verified owner)

    Excellent Product / No words to Describe Smoother/ Increase Pickup / Mileage
    I have a 2013 Duster 110 PS, Clocked 1,40,000 kms. It has some Pick-up issues on city Drives.
    I used this 100 ml and the results are amazing.
    It just solved many problems like Loss of pickup
    it Increased Mileage of 1 kms. (14 to 15.1)
    Over all the Car is smooth like it’s floating on the water.
    My gear changing Ratio also reduced. In city drives when the traffic is dead slow I need to change gears. Other wise it goes well in 3rd gear
    I would recommend this product highly

    I have used this Motol Synthetic Oil.

    1 product
  67. NANTHAKUMAR P (verified owner)

    It’s ok, but no more improvement

    1 product
  68. Ershad (verified owner)

    Rx is very nice now
    Willys also there is a lot of change..

    1 product
  69. Ramesh (verified owner)

    Nano lube add pani 300 km completed
    better performance
    feel mileage improved

    1 product
  70. balaraj nair (verified owner)

    A very good friction reducer
    A good product. Help to reduce engine noise.And increase engine smoothness.

    1 product
  71. shavab (verified owner)

    Good product
    very good perfomance

    1 product
  72. VINEETH KRISHNAN P V (verified owner)

    Used in my classic 350 a month ago after the oil change service. No changes in performance of the motorcycle so far. I ride regularly with the bike since2016 until the pandemic..after the lockdown 3 Services done.last time used this Nano lube with the new oil change..Seriously it’s simply overpriced and waste of money.. Don’t go for it..It will not glide or reduce noise or vibrations(as they said). Instead accept that a long stroke engine make vibrations(realisation).

    1 product
  73. VINEETH KRISHNAN P V (verified owner)

    വാങ്ങി ഉപയോഗിച്ച് ഒരു മാറ്റവും ഉണ്ടായില്ല .ക്യാഷ് പോയത് മിച്ചം .ബോട്ടിലിൽ പറയുന്ന പോലെ വൈബ്രേഷൻ , നോയ്‌സ് എന്നിവ കുറയുന്നില്ല. ഒരു മാസം മുന്നേ ഓയിൽ മാറ്റുമ്പോൾ വാങ്ങി ചേർത്തത് ഒരു കാര്യവും ഇല്ല .

    1 product
  74. Lokesh (verified owner)

    I started to feel a difference in performance . I’m loving it.
    Smooth and Pick up is better now.
    Thanks for the product

    1 product
  75. Saravanan (verified owner)

    Iam very happy your product very good my bike is very smooth vibration also very less super bro

    1 product
  76. Roshreji (verified owner)

    It reduces the friction .
    I purchased the item from local shop. Its really good, increases vehicle performance, will notice drastic change in engine pick up .
    Always use good quality oil, when you add Nano Lube .
    The product is really good, undoubtedly, but if your engine is too old, or if you have used low quality oil (even famous brand ones) then the nano particles will suspend all sludge carbon particles in the oil, which inturn can clog oil filter. But its not because of the product, but because of the engine condition. Changing the oil filter after 2000k in case of car will do the job. After the filter change you will feel the real difference .

    There has been many studies, to understand the effects of mixing nano particles into engine oil. All studies gives the final result that there is a good reduction in friction , if nano particles is added .

    1 product
  77. Al zain medical center (verified owner)

    Too Smoother……………

    1 product
  78. Salim.k (verified owner)

    നല്ല ഉൽപ്പനം
    സ്കൂട്ടർ ഓടിക്കാൻ വളരെ സ്മൂത്തായി

    1 product
  79. Gowtham (verified owner)

    Ji very smooth feel in lower soft

    1 product
  80. TJN (verified owner)

    Increased pick up, smoother engine performance. Impressive, totally satisfied with the product

    Superb Product

    1 product
  81. Selva (verified owner)

    Pulsar vibrations has got reduced significantly
    Only thing is I need to check the timing chain
    Really impressed 👌🏼

    1 product
  82. Dijish (verified owner)

    For Smooth Engine 100% Recommended
    It’s a wonderful product, I used it for my Isuzu DMax Vcross @124000 Km.. I put shell 5W40 fully synthetic oil. Performance of the vehicle is excellent. Engine noise reduced, Engine is very smooth. We can notice the changes in the vehicle…

    1 product
  83. Pratheesh Ps (verified owner)

    Very useful product
    Used for Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350. Now Engine is very smooth. Mileage also increased. Awesome Product.
    Now it’s running 7500km after oil change. Now also engine is smooth. I have cleaned the Airfilter in 3000 & 6000km. I am using Nanolube with Shell advance 15W50 Fully synthetic oil.

    1 product
  84. suvinsv (verified owner)

    2016 model classic re , this product used by with shell fully synthetic oil big loss in my mileage 42 to 34…. what a mooonchal. i think they are cheating me pls help any one know what re classic have problem lik that

    1 product
  85. Sanjay (verified owner)

    Bro product is nice engine noise got little bit got reduced

    1 product
  86. JEEVANANTHAM C. (verified owner)


    1 product
  87. Amal (verified owner)

    Heating reduced milage increased in my

    1 product
  88. Andrew (verified owner)

    Really feeling good sir for my Cruze
    Normally I’ll get 10.5 in city traffic, Now I’m getting 12

    1 product
  89. Jayaprakash (verified owner)

    Its amazing I really feel well
    No vibration like new Bike condition .
    2nd 0-13 seconds my bike touched 100kms .
    Super Lubricant.
    Next i try to my car

    1 product
  90. Rinchu Rose (verified owner)

    Go for it if u have heating issues (Highly recommend for Jawa)
    Heating issue resolves and engine becomes refined, the company recommends to use nano lube while changing the oil, I used 10w50 Motul but during oil change also same results get like engine get smoother vibration reduces and knocking also, so cannot say fully it’s because of nano lube, but ya the heating reduces drastically and engine gets cooler. I drove 60-80+km, bike has new air filter, cleaned fuel system and new oil filter because the company recommends that, usually if we do all these automatically the engine becomes refined and feels fresh, this is my 6th oil change and grove 36000 plus Km totally, only visible yet is the engine heat reduction, need to see the results after driving a 1000km with nano lube

    1 product
  91. Sugathan (verified owner)

    Writing this review after using it for 6000 kms. The results started showing after first 200 kms. The drive has been getting smoother day by day. I have a Honda City Diesel. Earlier the engine was slightly hesitant to rev higher RPMs. But now it can easily do 500+ rpms more at each gear change than earlier.

    With increase in smoothness and performance, I find good improvement in fuel efficiency as well. With a very lite right foot (speed 90 to 100 kmph) I used to get 25kmpl earlier. Now using Nano lube, I get 28kmpl (Image attached). With the same style of driving.

    What I also noticed is that even if I drive a bit aggressive, the fuel efficiency doesn’t drop drastically, which was otherwise not the case earlier.

    Overall a very good value for money product which I hope will also enhance the life span of the engine as well.

    1 product
  92. Mr, AMEEN (verified owner)


    1 product
  93. Jaison (verified owner)

    very good product. I have used this for my Renault Logan diesel car. The engine has become very smooth.

    1 product
  94. Akhil (verified owner)

    Nano oil oru raksha illa adipoli puthiya bike odikunna oru feel vibration ottum illa eppol nalla
    riding comfort unde😊🙏🏻👌🏻

    1 product
  95. Rohith Murali (verified owner)

    Effects last for about 2000 kms… Not worth the money…
    Went for the full performance recomendation and used 100 ml ± 50 ml for my Turbo Petrol Tata Nexon. The first 2000 kms were great with noticable improvment in accelaration and performance. After that the improvment just disapreared… Not worth the extra money u can just go for a better engine oil.

    1 product
  96. Nijas (verified owner)

    Very useful item
    Very useful item and better perfomance.old car and bike using this oil.really your happy 100 persontage 30000km abow vehicle use ok

    1 product
  97. Ranjith C Nair (verified owner)

    Works well only for 300 kms
    I brought it after seeing the YouTube videos.

    I have a Gixxer. To ensure there is a good understanding.. I measured the temperature of the engine before and after, sound of the engine before and after, cleaned the engine with new engine oil, decarbonised, and the. Added this with a new engine oil which is fully synthetic from shell. I also changed the oil and air filter along with it. I ensured that I fill the petrol from shell only to check the results.

    This is what I understand from 2 months of running.

    After the change, in less than 20 kms you would feel the improvements. Less noise, easy gear shifts, less heat generation BUT this will last only for 250-300 kms. My average speed was around 45 to 50. And I run it everyday.

    Not worth the price and hype it creates.

    1 product
  98. Manjush Mohan (verified owner)

    Added this to 17 year old active

    Very amazing result
    Before milage was too bad … Weekly consumption of petrol was more than 500 but after adding this improved milage to 30-40%
    Engine become smooth , little noise reduced .
    Only issue when u start and accelerate it slips and show some missing once started moving it’s smooth
    Before hearing of engine was too high now it’s so reduced

    1 product
  99. Pradeep Kumar (verified owner)

    Good product and it reduces vibration and engine sound

    1 product
  100. Deepan Mani. (verified owner)

    I used nanolube for my desire. Really a value for money products. Engine is smooth. More
    comfortable drive, Mileage is increased, Low end torque is increased.

    1 product
  101. Aravind (verified owner)


    1 product
  102. Sreenivas R Menon (verified owner)

    Engine became smooth

    1 product
  103. Abraham (verified owner)

    I used this nano lube in my Bolero and Unicorn Bike. Very smooth and better mileage. Very
    nice product

    1 product
  104. Raja (verified owner)

    I’ve added this nanolube and compression booster for my alto. Really superb.
    Butter Smooth now

    1 product
  105. Abhishek (verified owner)

    I used a 100ml bottle for my Dominar 400 bike. After it’s installation the bike feels so smooth, less in vibration and feels more freedom

    1 product
  106. Laiju philip (verified owner)

    Not good for ne. because I have using liquimolly mos2 its better for me

    1 product
  107. Nishanth (verified owner)

    I used this product in my RS200 pulsar it gives amazing result, now my bike is so smooth to
    drive and better mileage, good pick up and super performance, when the driver feel the
    vehicle they will definitely choose this product…..

    1 product
  108. Manjunath Ravindran (verified owner)

    As hiped by social media no difference after running my Honda City diesel for 5k kms. Litrely No dramatic change

    It’s just a product marketed using YouTube and other social media influencers

    Not recommended after usage

    1 product
  109. Abiraj (verified owner)

    No 👎 improvement milega, Sound vibration no deference my money is waste

    1 product
  110. Sasidharan (verified owner)

    Im using this nanolube for my 15 years old pulsar. Excellent result after added this. This is the
    third time im using this. Good result, Good response from Thomas, Fast Delivery,

    1 product
  111. Ramesh Rajkumar (verified owner)

    I’ve also purchased 100ml nanolube for my KWID 1000cc automatic car, after adding this oil
    my acceleration performance is increased Less pressing more speed I am getting. Vibration is
    totally reduced. After adding this lube I found difference in 50th
    km the car is going butter
    smooth with good pick up, my car has completed 20000kms recently I have added this oil.

    1 product
  112. Vipin (verified owner)

    Great Product
    Superb! You must use it in your vehicle… I strongly recommend…

    1 product
  113. Aravind Babu G (verified owner)

    I used it my Maruti Suzuki Baleno & Bullet 350 Std along with oil change …. I’m getting so smooth just after 500km of run… of course the millage is improved…

    1 product
  114. Arun Aravind (verified owner)

    Good Product
    Used for my Bike and can feel difference after few kilometer, reduced engine sound and temperature

    1 product
  115. HUBERT (verified owner)

    I have recently used Nano lube(100ml) on my petrol vehicle – Honda Brio. Added it to the engine
    oil just before our trip to Kodaikanal from Bangalore- drove a total of 1200 kms. I could feel the
    difference in the smoothness of the engine, reduced engine noise and mileage (21 kms highway
    drive) As explained, could feel slight reduction in engine braking. Now that my vehicle has
    crossed 30k, I plan to do an engine oil change – want to use a fully synthetic vehicle engine oil
    like Shell helix, change the oil filter and continue to add 100 ml of Nano Lube. After using
    NanoLube for about 2k+ kms I can feel the difference and plan to use it after the next oil change
    as well.

    1 product
  116. balaraj nair (verified owner)

    A good product
    A very good product. It increases smoothness and mileage of my car.It decrease engine vibration.mileage increases 2 km per ltr.

    1 product
  117. Shanthini Sri (verified owner)

    tried this on my 2015 vdi ertiga 80k kms run. clear change in smoothness, pick up (acceleration/
    throttle reaponse) and a tank full gave me 100 kms extra mileage (38 litres). MID usually usually
    shows 15 (city) kmpl changed to 19.5kmpl in MID. actual mileage (tank full method) improved by
    3kmpl (15%++)….thanks again…not changed oil filter yet. 700kms run so far

    1 product
  118. Abinsteephan (verified owner)

    I purchased this lube for my Royal Enfield standard 350 Bullet, Rating: 5/5
    – Reduced engine heat (No heat at all)
    – Mileage increased upto 3km
    – No vibration at all
    – Engine becames so smooth
    – Gear shifts and Clutch usage is ultra smooth now
    – Oil change is needed only once in 8000km

    Negatives: Product price is very high.
    – initially this product was available at ₹600/- for 100ml. But now they are selling at ₹1200/- for 100ml.

    1 product
  119. Venkat (verified owner)

    Very Good
    Very nice experience

    1 product
  120. Nandan (verified owner)

    Good Product
    Very nice. Used it for my old activa. Added along with both engine and gear oil. I flushed the old oil and used this along with synthetic oil. The scooter feels better than before.

    1 product
  121. Faisal (verified owner)

    very very best product I am so happy thanking you are video

    1 product
  122. ANTONY JOHNSON (verified owner)

    Really Like The Feel…
    I am using Ford figo 2012 model diesel after 120000 km service then am add Nano lube then i drive 50 km above i feel the smoother & less engine noise Amazing Product, Just Use it

    1 product
  123. Rejin (verified owner)

    Using For a Year
    No problems faced using it.. Hope engine is smooth.(new bike)..planed to use in old car..

    1 product
  124. Naveen (verified owner)

    Product is really great. I can move my vehicle from 3rd gear. Lots of positive changes are there in vehicle people will know these changes only if they use and test it. Once I change the oil filter I think I might see some more changes.

    1 product
  125. Venkateshwara (verified owner)

    sir thanks very good product. My car very smooth running thanks wish you happy new year from
    venkateswara army jolarpettai

    1 product
  126. Radhakrishnan (verified owner)

    Already i used two times for my Baleno. Changes are good.
    Going to try for my Apache

    1 product
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